Welcome to the Zentraluniversum

Booom! It´s been quite a while since the Big Bang happened. But still there is a frightening chaos in space: Elements are going astray. Energy is racing into the wrong direction. And there is too much word and picture space crap spinning through the cosmos. May it burn up!

A deep look into the ether makes it very clear: This cannot go on! The universe needs its own workshop for good photos, pointed texts and new films. And here it is: The Zentraluniversum.

Filmonauts, photonauts, astronauts and cosmonauts: The Zentraluniversum is here for you! We provide the cosmos with films which are found only at us. We shoot nationally, internationally and, if possible, intergalactically.


The Zentraluniversum is the place for ‘Film Impossible’. We develop and produce the kind of film that quota counters, formatists and broadcasting bosses have always warned you about.


Does anyone need an own spaceship?  Sorry, we are not the right contact for that. You have to do that by yourself. And the Zentraluniversum would be pleased to do a film about it.