The Universe

The world is not enough

A film about cosmic dust? About dark matter? About molecular clouds in Outer Space? Our pleasure, we can do it. Who could tell these stories more exorbitantly than the Zentraluniversum?

But our main focus is on earthly topics. The Zentraluniversum produces films for curious people. For those who want to know what is touching their contemporaries, what is connecting them, making them special. Who want to know who makes the world go round.

We meet astronauts on erratic flights, fearless deep sea divers, seasick fishermen and unselfish queens.


We film in megacities and in outposts. From Tokyo to Tuktoyaktuk. From Högel to Hongkong:

The Zentraluniversum shows what is really important.


All those who are craving for sensations, fake news or alternative facts, may please move to a parallel universe.  And if you’re arrogant or rude – please go somewhere else. You will not get a film from us.

The Zentraluniversum offers the whole package: Story development, shooting, editing and postproduction. Professionelly, smoothly, without to-do.

We work with the latest technology. With everything the cineastic heart desires as long as it makes sense. We love to fulfill extra wishes with our committed and experienced team.

Zentral Representative is Sven Jaax. Director and Author of more than 50 documentaries for Arte, ARD, NDR and other international networks. Sven Jaax® and Zentraluniversum® are inseparably linked.